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Kaizen is the Japanese business philosophy for continuous improvement.

...And that is what I aim to do---to continue to improve myself.

These are my own artwork. After several years of development, I believe now that I've finally found my comfort zone in being a Sai artist, utilizing the many benefits of the Easy Paint Tool Sai art program to create my digital artwork while also using Adobe Photoshop CS5 to add any final touches to my digitized masterpieces.

As of 2013, I finally found my artistic identity and have created six interestingly unique styles that truly personify who I am as an artist. But though I've gained a bit more confidence in myself as an artist, that doesn't mean that I'll stop there.
As artists, I believe that in order to achieve our full potential, we must constantly continue to grow, not just as artists but as individuals as well. We must always be prepared to challenge ourselves in order to further develop and hone our skills.

That is the journey that all us fellow artists must take. Although I may not know what fate lies at the end of your journey, curious reader, I do know what I hope to be at the conclusion of mine. As long as I breath, I aim to improve myself as an artist in order to fulfill my future goal of one day possessing the skills that I need in order to bring the colorful characters that roam the world of my overly-creative imagination to life so that they can share their stories and adventures with a world, who I hope will welcome them with open arms and will learn to know and adore them as much as I have.

Wish me luck folks!!



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Noticed that my "membership" is almost up. But I have almost enough to extend it for another few months. If it's not too much to ask, can you guys help a squiggle meister out?

Doesn't have to be much, just a few points to keep my ship afloat for another few months or so. If I'm lucky, I might save up enough for another year or so.

Thanking anyone who donates in advance for their generosity C:


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Just caught up with the series Steven Universe on CN. So I wanna know, how many peeps are fans of Steven too 8D? 

12 deviants said I am! I :heart: Steven Universe!
6 deviants said Steven Universe? Ehh...not sure if I'm a fan but I've watched a couple of episodes C:
5 deviants said Steven Universe? Duuur...wazzat? :slow:

What do you guys think should I draw for the big 50-0 (500 followers) on Tumblr? Please vote, I really need help choosing a theme D> 

7 deviants said Makorra
3 deviants said Steven Universe
3 deviants said Young Justice
1 deviant said Rise of the Guardians
1 deviant said Squiggles and Mascot Babies

Do peeps still look forward to my comics/art? 

51 deviants said Yes :)

Which squiggle am I known for?

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 3:01 PM
 photo squiggleannouncments_zps65d4a76c.jpg

Pulling something from my Tumblr because it made me curious:


“What piece of art am I most known for? When you see my URL what drawing do you immediately think of (that I’ve done) and go "Oh it’s the person who made that —- !!!"


I’m curious you guys C: Which squiggle or squiggles come to mine when you see my URL or at least my username/


~LittleMissSquiggles (2014)

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 photo 2014-DEVIANTART-PROFILE-PIC_zps7249a228.gif
22│Illustrator│Comic Artist│Animator

My real name is Sadé (pronounced Shah-day) and I am 22-year-old illustrator/comic artists and aspiring animator hailing from the Caribbean sister islands of Trinidad and Tobago located in the West Indies.

Inspired by my idols, Tetsuya Nomura (Creator of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy), Hayao Miyazaki (Founder of Studio Ghilbi) and Bryan Konietzo and Michael DiMartino (creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra respectively), I hope to one day follow in their footsteps and go on to create a series of stories featuring my many colourful characters that are so amazingly epic that they will ultimately go on to delight and inspire millions of artists and storytellers like myself from all over the world.

That’s the dream kiddies.

I may come from a tiny island that people barely know about but one of these days, mark my words, me and my over-creative ideas will take the internet by storm and become something that everyone will come to know and adore.

So wish me luck my pretties.

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LunaStar7 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I saw the comment I know you maybe have seen that ep  already but I want to say this anyway^^;  don't listen to worldends4me  Korrasami is not endgame just because Korra wrote back to Asami doesn't mean it's canon. Saying she felt more ok with talking to Asami about her problems and not Bolin or Mako's  she prefer talking to another female about her problems and not to a guy because I'm the same way. Only friendship letters. 
LittleMissSquiggles Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Filmographer
Hey Luna C: Thank you for the follow btw.
And yes, I am fully aware that Korrasami isn't endgame. I mean one, it was only the second episode and two, I'm not going to believe that Korrasami is endgame just because Korra felt comfortable talking to Asami about certain things she couldn't tell the boys. I mean Korra talking to Asami is no different than a girl confiding her feelings to her best girlfriend. That's what I see Korrasami as. A really strong friendship. I would even go so far as to say that Asami has now become Korra's best friend, her confidant...a sister figure even since Korra is an only child.
That's what I would say is engame about Korrasami. It's that Korra and Asami have become so close that they are no longer just friends, they're like sisters. That's how I see this ship. Nothing romantic and quite frankly, althought the constructive fan in me respects the Korrasami shippers, that doesn't stop me (especially the hardcore Makorrian in me) from getting a wee bit annoyed at how the hardcore Korrasami shippers are using every lil thing that happens between the two gals as leverage to say that they are canon.

It's almost like they're nitpicking in a way. I will say this again, I don't know what kind of future the Korrasamians see for the girls, but the only way I see Korrasami being endgame is as a friendship. Asami is Korra's best friend but Mako is her soulmate. Whether Bryke choses to make them endgame on screen, either way Korra will end up with Mako and that is what I'm waiting. In the past, all Avatars have only fallen in love once and they have all ended up with their first love. Examples are: Aang, Roku and the waterbender Avatar whose wife's face was stolen by Koh.
Point is, once the Avatar has found their true love, no matter how far apart they might get, they will end up together eventually. Korrasami will be endgame as a friendship but Makorra will also be endgame as the main OTP. That's my heavy 2cents. 
LunaStar7 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Your welcome:) 

I know Korrasami is never going to be endgame the Korrasami fans are fine to like it and write fanfics of them and do fan art of them but this whole Korrasami thing was all in people's  imaginations it was never a thing. It seems that the Korrasami fans think everything they do means there in love. Some people thought Korrasami was canon just because they were sitting together at the dinner table in Book 3 *sigh* Don't they know friends can sit next to each other not just lovers? None of the characters on the show are gay they wouldn't put a gay couple on  a kid show even when I  think LOK is more of a teen show not a kids show. If Korrasami were to happen it would be put on Adult Swim and rated T.V MA.  There is only friendship between them and nothing more I don't know why they can't see that. LOL! A lot of the Korrasami fans are getting on my  nerves because I guess everything they do means there in love even when they just sat next to each other I just find that so stupid. I pretty much am the same way if Mako and Korra sit next to each other I get really freaked out and happy also because they were a thing and Korrasami wasn't. I guess they never  heard that the maker's themselfs said the Avatar can only fall in love once because I heard them said that somewhere. It would be so stupid if they made Korra get over Mako and is all of a sudden gay that would be really REALLY bad writing. Korra has only feel in love with one person and that is Mako I don't think she would love anyone else but Mako. After all they been through together. I am pretty much one of the biggest hard core Makorra fans ever I've loved them together since Book 1 ep 2 and I been a hard core fan of them together ever since and I was pissed off when they had Mako date Asami I was like NO!!!! XD I really hated Masami and I hated how they put it back in Book 2 it was a stupid idea but I'm glad the ship is dead now thank goodness. I am getting angry that some people say Makorra is dead deal with it ugh nobody knows if it is dead because I really hope it's not they were the only Avatar couple I liked I didn't like none of the couples in Avatar The Last Airbender and I wasn't sure if I was going to like a couple in The Legend of Korra and then Makorra came along and I fell in love with the ship and it became my OTP couple because I was so freaked out about them^^; If they don't have any romantic moments between them in Book 4 I'm going to lose my shit lol sorry for the words XD  But I saw them alone together in the Book 4 trailer so I hope that means  something it makes me think when they were alone together in Book 1 to face Amon:D
jmalfonso7 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
SweetDeathStare Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch, shady! ^_^ *huggles*
LittleMissSquiggles Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Student Filmographer
No problem cheesecake-san. *hugs*
jmalfonso7 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
mk0d Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, what do you think about the Red Lotus' philosophy for world peace? Do you think Zaheer's misinterpreting Guru Laghima's words?
LittleMissSquiggles Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Student Filmographer


Hey sorry for the late response. Personally, I can see some truth in what the Red Lotus as saying about the natural world order. I agree with Zaheer in the sense that the so-called “current leaders” of the world have failed to help their people and some of them have even gone too far to abuse their power to only benefit themselves, as seen by example with the Earth Queen.

But I disagree with him that in order to restore balance, you need to get rid of the world leaders. That is the biggest mistake that Red Lotus can make. As tyrannous as some the leaders may be and have been in the past, the world needs leaders to maintain balance. Leaders are meant to be the upholders of order. Getting rid of them isn’t the answer. Without leaders, who will be in charge? The people? Leaving the people in charge of their own fate will be as dangerous as unleashing a wild animal on unsuspecting survillians. Without leaders, there will be nothing but chaos.


Don’t kill off the leaders. Replace them with someone who can be trusted. Someone who is benevolent and kind and wants to help others.


Truth be told, in order for there to be peace, you need leaders that have the ability to not only tame the rowdiest of people but also unite them in the face of tragedy. The world needs leaders to keep everyone in line. Without someone to lead, the world will descend into chaos as seen from last week’s episode following the demise of the Earth Queen. Ba Sing Se has now fallen into complete anarchy and if continued, it will only get worse and it won’t be good for anyone.  

So to answer your question. Yes! I think Zaheer is DEFINITELY misinterpreting Lagihma’s words, unless Lagihma was a tyrant himself. 

jmalfonso7 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Personally, I'm hoping that we get to see more about Guru Laghima and how the Red Lotus came to be just like Avatar Wan....

I wonder in the future the Avatarverse mostly end up like this?

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