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These are six collections of my favourite deviations, wallpapers, tutorials and other resources from some excellent artists.

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Kaizen is the Japanese business philosophy for continuous improvement.

...And that is what I aim to do---to continue to improve myself.

These are my own artwork. After several years of development, I believe now that I've finally found my comfort zone in being a Sai artist, utilizing the many benefits of the Easy Paint Tool Sai art program to create my digital artwork while also using Adobe Photoshop CS5 to add any final touches to my digitized masterpieces.

As of 2013, I finally found my artistic identity and have created six interestingly unique styles that truly personify who I am as an artist. But though I've gained a bit more confidence in myself as an artist, that doesn't mean that I'll stop there.
As artists, I believe that in order to achieve our full potential, we must constantly continue to grow, not just as artists but as individuals as well. We must always be prepared to challenge ourselves in order to further develop and hone our skills.

That is the journey that all us fellow artists must take. Although I may not know what fate lies at the end of your journey, curious reader, I do know what I hope to be at the conclusion of mine. As long as I breath, I aim to improve myself as an artist in order to fulfill my future goal of one day possessing the skills that I need in order to bring the colorful characters that roam the world of my overly-creative imagination to life so that they can share their stories and adventures with a world, who I hope will welcome them with open arms and will learn to know and adore them as much as I have.

Wish me luck folks!!




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Doesn't have to be much, just a few points to keep my ship afloat for another few months or so. If I'm lucky, I might save up enough for another year or so.

Thanking anyone who donates in advance for their generosity C:


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  • Mood: Speechless
How is everyone doing?
Since I've been more active on Tumblr for this year, I feel as if I've abandoned all my friends and squiggle meisters here on Deviantart. I'm so sorry about that you guys. 
So I'm hear to ask you guys, how are you?
Hope you all are doing well. How have you been?

What is new in your life? And are you ready for the holidays? C:

~LittleMissSquiggles (2014)

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Girly! This is Nessa!! :iconsatoshiwaveplz: This is my new account for now! Thought I would let you know!! :iconyuiglompplz:
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Hey hun. Well now I seeing the new account :D Welcome! Welcome once again.
Btw, by chance you have twitter or tumblr or skype too? Let me add you on everything. 
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Hey Hippie-chan :D Long time indeed.
I've been good. Just busy balancing work and art. Mostly more productive on Tumblr and Twitter these days. But all around good. How are you hun? :D
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Sounds great! I've been just peachy, sure there's been rough spots here and there but that just makes the good times better!
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Lol. It's no problem at all m'friend <D
I should've devwatched you a long time ago. You're always there for me and such so I just had to. Thank you so much hun :hug: 
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